Incense sticks


Incense sticks in a variety of scents. There are 20 sticks in each box. Available in Nag champa, White sage, Patchouli, Guardian Angel, Camomile, Jasmine, Green apple incense cones, Sage, Cinnamon and apple, Cinnamon and orange, Amber, Rosemary, Strawberry and White musk. Please see all three photos for the complete collection.



Incense sticks (16 different scents! Please see all three photos for the complete collection.)

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Nag champa; Nag champa and lavender; White sage; Frangipani; Pachouli; Guardian Angel; Lily of the valley; Camomile; Green tea; Jasmine; Cinnamon and orange; Green apple incense cones; sandalwood; sage; musk; cinnamon and apple; frankincense; amber; rosemary; white musk; strawberry; masala chai; white sage


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